Student Affairs

Welcome to the Student Affairs Department! The Student Affairs department is eager to assist you in many areas that will round out your experience here at the college. The college experience is so much more than books and classes. There are countless opportunities for growth in new and unexpected ways.

Student Affairs
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Student Affairs Department

Tony Funigiello, Chief Student Affairs Officer
Choate Room 129: 716.827.2481

Maureen Pernick-Huber, Director of Advisement & Career Services
Choate Room 131: 716.827.2444

Peg Babcock, Director of the Trocaire Opportunity Program (T.O.P.)
Choate Room 315: 716.827.2562

Joyce Kaiser, Director of Student Life
Choate Room 137: 716.827.2445

Debbie Cammarata, Director of the Bookstore & Copy Center
Choate Room B10: 716.827.2552

Kristin Nesbitt, Director of Academic Support & Retention
Choate Room 112: 716.827.2433

Kimberly Seay, Administrative Assistant
Choate Room 121: 716.827.2577


Student Affairs Mission - The Mission of the Student Affairs Staff is to provide services from a caring and student-centered perspective in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.  Our goal is to empower students to strive to reach their full potential in development of the whole person while supporting their academic success.  In pursuit of this goal we will assist students in the areas of personal growth, leadership development, career preparation, diversity, advocacy and service to the college and broader community.


Our dedicated professionals are ready to be of service in many ways, with special emphasis on career development, personal counseling, student leadership, health records, campus ministry, and multiple activities and clubs. Additionally, we implement the planning and preparation for commencement and for orientations of new and transfer students.

Many of you have multiple priorities in your lives outside of school: jobs, families, responsibilities. We hope to enhance the quality of your stay here at Trocaire, as well as helping you to step into the future with confidence, success and a sense of service.


Tony Funigiello
Chief Student Affairs Officer