Distance Learning

Online courses offer students the advantage of completing, by using internet technology, some of their courses without having to regularly be on campus.

Distance Learning
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Interested in internet-based online courses?

Online courses offer you the advantage of completing courses without having to regularly be on campus. Some on-campus meetings are required at the discretion of the instructor.

To be successful in online courses you should be:

  • Disciplined
  • Self-Motivated
  • Computer Literate (take the skills test below)
  • Have a well-functioning computer with high-speed internet connection
  • Available for a MANDATORY orientation session


Classes fill quickly! Register early!

To ensure the quality of the courses, enrollment in online classes is capped at 20 students. If a course is full, you may be placed on a waiting list. Being placed on the waiting list is not a guarantee you will be placed in the course. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be prepared to enroll in a traditional, classroom section of the course if a space doesn't become available. Courses with the section “HY” on the schedule are online-hybrid courses.

Are you ready to learn online?

Begin here to assess your skills and abilities.

IT Services

For information on technical support and computer support, visit www.trocaire.edu/my/offices-and-services/technology-services


If you have any questions, please contact , Coordinator of Distance Learning Education, at 716.827.2557.