Technology Services

The Trocaire IT Department provides technical support for students, faculty, and staff.

Technology Services
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Contact Information

, Director of Information Technology, 716.827.2505
Help Desk: 716.827.4330 (dial 4330 on campus phones) Email:
, Sr. IT Specialist, 716.827.4332
, Help Desk, 716.827.4331
E-Student Portal: , Director of Data Administration, 716.827.4333
, Coordinator of Distance Learning Education, 716.827.2557

On Campus Computer Access

All current students are able to gain access to any computer at Trocaire. The computer lab at the main campus is located in room 320 at the main campus. Students are also welcome to use computers in classrooms when a class is not in session. The library, cafeteria stage area, and student club office in room 122 also have computers available for student use. If you are a student from the Transit Road location, you may sign out a laptop from the front desk. 

If you have any technology problems, call the IT Help Desk at Ext. 4330 on campus phones.  For off-campus phones, please call 716.827.4330 or 716.238.6842.

Distance Learning

To learn about taking online courses at Trocaire, visit



How do I get my username and password?

Your username and password for your various Trocaire accounts will be mailed or handed out at orientation. If you didn’t attend orientation, it will be sent to you by mail from the Information Technology department. We cannot give out passwords over the phone or email.  You have been provided a username and password to several systems as a student of Trocaire College.  Please remember that the use of these usernames and password is a privilege, not a right, as outlined in the Technology Acceptable Use policy located in your Student Handbook and Planner.

How do I log on to the computers on campus?

To log on press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Fill in the boxes for Username (ex: smithj) and Password with the previously supplied information from orientation or via mail. The Domain box should ALWAYS indicate Trocaire.

What is a Computer Network Account?

Your computer network account is setup by the Trocaire College IT department. This account gives you access to the Trocaire College computers. The network includes login access to all student lab computers and your student e-mail account.  Your computer network account username is your last name followed by the first initial of your first name.  For example, John Smith’s computer network account name would be smithj. Some students may have the same combination of last name, first initial.  In this case a number will be added to the end of their usernames.  For example, Jane Smith’s computer network account name would be smithj1.

What kind of computer is required to be placed on the Trocaire College wireless network?

We don’t recommend a specific brand of computer, but we do recommend the system has at least Windows XP or greater, or Mac OS X or higher.  If you wish to connect wirelessly you will need to have a wireless card installed.  The majority of laptops sold now come equipped with a wireless card, but please verify with your manufacturer.


How do I connect to the Trocaire College wireless network?

The steps required to connect to the college’s wireless network are the same as any other publicly available wireless network (library, coffee shops, etc.).  While on-campus, open your wireless connection and search for the network called “Trocaire”, then simply double click on the name to connect to it.


Can you provide me with a copy of Microsoft Office?

At the present time we do not have a campus-wide license to provide Microsoft Office free to students.  However, you can purchase it at a considerable student discount via the website below.


Is Trocaire wireless?

Yes, Trocaire is an entirely wireless college.  Feel free to bring in your laptop and get an internet connection anywhere on campus. If you have any problems with your internet connection, please call the Trocaire College Help Desk at Ext. 4330 on campus phones, 716-827-4330 or 238-6842.





I forgot my password to login to the computers/ Student Portal/Moodle/E-mail. How can I access it?

You need to come to the IT Helpdesk (Room 360 at the 360 Choate Ave Campus) during normal business hours to have your password reset.  Be ready to present photo identification.  We cannot reset passwords over the phone.



Can I change my passwords to all be the same for my e-mail, student portal and Moodle?

Yes, you have received a password for each of the systems noted above.  While the password is initially the same, once you change the password in one system, you have not changed the password in the other two.  We suggest changing your password in all three systems at the same time to the same password you will remember.
Find directions here.


Is the Trocaire e-mail and Moodle E-mail the same thing?

No, your Trocaire e-mail and Moodle e-mail are separate messaging servers and services.  Moodle uses an internal messaging system that remains within that system where you can only send and receive messages between your fellow classmates and professors.  Trocaire e-mail is e-mail that is connected with the outside world.  You can send mail internally to the college (e.g., an advisor) or send mail to a job recruiter outside of the college.  When someone e-mails you at (your username), the Trocaire E-mail inbox is where it will end up.

Make sure to check both inboxes frequently.

Trocaire E-mail:

Moodle E-mail:


I'm signed up for a course, but it's not appearing in Moodle.  Can you add it?

During the drop/add period, depending on when you registered for the course, it may take up to 3-4 days for your class to be added.  During active drop/add and registration periods students are added into courses more frequently but it is not instantaneous with the registrar's system.  You may contact the help desk if you are unsure if you are in our system, or if you have questions at 716.827.4330 or



Web Accessibility Statement

In light of emerging technologies and our goal to achieve continuous improvements in our operations and delivery of education including distance learning, we understand the need to make ongoing enhancements to our web sources and information technology. More specifically, we are committed to making our information technology and web sites as accessible as possible in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 pertaining to electronic and information technology accessibility and the following major guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium/ Web Accessibility Initiative or W3C/WAI: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, and User Agent Accessibility Guidelines.
If assistance is needed in accessing any of our web sources and information technology which include our web pages, web mail, e-faculty and e-student portals, and our learning management system/ distance learning system please contact the IT Help Desk. The IT Help Desk contact information is:
IT Help Desk Phone: (716) 827-4330 E-mail:
Location: Main Campus, room 360 Mailing Address: IT Help Desk Trocaire College 360 Choate Ave. Room 360 Buffalo, NY 14220


Services for Students with Disabilities

Students who need educational accommodations that include assistive technologies or materials in alternative formats should contact the Palisano Center for Academic Success by phone at 716-827-2521. The Palisano Center for Academic Success can be contacted by email at The Palisano Center for Academic Success is located on the Main Campus; assistance is available by appointment at the Transit location. The Center’s mailing address:
Palisano Center for Academic Success Trocaire College 360 Choate Ave., 4th Floor Buffalo, NY 14220

To read more about Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, visit:

To read more about the World Wide Consortium/Web Accessibility Initiative or W3C/WAI visit:


Statement Regarding the Use of Electronic Readers in the Classroom

Trocaire College Provides equal educational opportunity in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 in that all materials and tools, including electronic readers used in the classroom must be accessible to all or schools must provide accommodations or modifications. The FAQs to the June 29, 2010 “Dear Colleague Letter (DCL)” issued by the Office of Civil Rights states, in part, of FAQ #1: As explained by the DCL, application of our long-standing nondiscrimination requirements means that schools must provide an electronic book reader (i.e., the technology that the school uses to provide educational benefits, services, or opportunities) that is fully accessible to students who are blind or have low vision; otherwise schools must provide accommodations or modifications to ensure that the benefits of their educational program are provided to these students in an equally effective and equally integrated matter.

Trocaire College is also committed to the ideal of universal Web accessibility, please refer to our Web Accessibility Statement listed above.

To read more about Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, visit

To read more about Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, visit

To read more about the FAQs June 29, 2010 “Dear Colleague Letter (DCL)” issued by the Office of Civil Rights, visit