Faculty and Staff Directory

At Trocaire, you will find the faculty and staff will take the time to get to know you. Our faculty continually challenge students in their coursework and are available for advisement and guidance both inside and outside the classroom. By working with students one-on-one, faculty get to know them as individuals, with a more personal approach to teaching. In addition to the faculty members listed below, the college is privileged to draw upon the expertise of part-time adjunct instructors as well as part-time clinical/lab instructors.

Faculty and Staff Directory
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Bassam M. Deeb, Ph.D., President
Richard T. Linn Ph.D.,  Vice President, Academic Affairs and Planning, 716.827.2471
Pamela Witter, B.A., Vice President for Development & Community Engagement, 716.827.4344
, Dean of Admissions and Workforce Development, 716.827.2558
Tony Funigiello, M.S.Ed., Chief Student Affairs Officer, 716.827.2481
, Ed.D, MSN, RN, CLNC, CNE, Dean of Nursing
John J. Hudack, Vice President for Finance, 716.827.2512
Linda Kerwin, Ed.D., CST, RN, MA, MSN, Dean of the Division of Health Professions 716.827.2454
 Associate Vice President for Finance, 716.827.2456
Jennifer Higgins McCormick, Ph.D., MBA, Dean of Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies, 716.827.2466
Jacqueline Matheny, M.S., Chief Enrollment Officer, 716.827.2450
, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, 716.827.2480
, Chief Human Resources Officer, 716-827-2559
, Associate Dean for the Russell J. Salvatore School of Hospitality & Business, 716-827-4304


Faculty / Academic Program Directors

Academic Program Directors

Nancy Augustyn, R.T.(R), M.S., Director of Medical Imaging, 716.827.2443
Rosanne Dee, Program Advisor, Human Resource Management, 716.827.4309
Nicole Klem, M.S., RD, Director of Nutrition and Dietetics, 716.827.4307
 B.S., LMT, RYT, Director of Massage Therapy, 
, M.S., RHIT, Director of  Health Information Management (Health Information Technology and Healthcare Informatics programs), 716. 827.2560
, CCMA, RN, Director of Medical Assisting, 716.827.2563


John Anderson Jr., M.S. Registered Nursing
Don Balthasar, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2457
Patricia Battaglia, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2421
, Ph.D, Mathematics, 716.827.2576
, M.S.N., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2506
Diane Berry, B.S., M.T., M.S., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2468
Jennifer Blickwedehl, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2544
Michelle Boctor, B.S.N, M.S., Registered Nursing
, R.T.(R), M.B.A., Echocardiography & Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 716.827.2497
, Liberal Arts
Martha Bronstein, M.S., RN, CEN Registered Nursing, 716.827.2460
Martha Calabrese, M.S., ANP, RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2453
Jerry Clark, B.S., M.S., Mathematics, 716.827.2503
Mary Ann Deb, M.S., MBA, RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2448
, M.S., Registered Nursing, 716.827.2442
Carolyn Enty, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2451
M.S., Registered Nursing 716.827.2540 
, MSN, Practical Nursing  
Linda Grzywna, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2440
Susan Horrocks, Ph.D., Psychology, 716.827.2501
Gabriela Jenica, Medical Assistant
Ph.D., Philosophy, 716.827.2488
Maria Lalley, M.S., Registered Nursing, 716.827.2408
Cynthia Leffel, B.S.N., MSN, Licensed Practical Nursing
, Ph.D., Biology, 716.827.2484
Sharon Mang, D.N.P, RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2541
Pati Matlock, M.S., CNM, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2539
Rachel Suto McCormick, R.T.(R), M.A., Radiologic Technology, 716.827.2554
Cheryl Miller, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2438
, Philosophy, 716.827.2449
Solomon Nelson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., English, 716.827.2516
, Ph.D., Sociology.  716.827.2578
Kjerstin M. Owens, Ph.D., A&P, 716.827.2532
, M.S., A.N.P., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2441
Nancy Renzoni, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2479
Barbara Riederer, M.S., RN, Registered Nursing, 716.827.2410
Ann Smith, R.T.(R), M.S., Radiologic Technology, 716.827.2494
M. Lynn Sullivan, M.A., English, 716.827.2565 
, Ph.D., Natural Sciences 
Carol Weber, R.T.(R), B.S., M.S., Radiologic Technology, 716.827.2502
Esther Wilczynski, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2513
Kevin Wise, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2570
RN, MSN, Registered Nursing
David Zimmer, Ph.D., Natural Sciences, 716.827.2510


Academic Affairs

Debra Steriovski, Administrative Assistant of Academic Affairs, 716.827.2471
Philomena Gallagher, Administrative Assistant, Health Professions, 716.827.2490
Paulann DiGioia, Administrative Assistant, Arts, Sciences and Professional Studies, 716.827.2466
, Administrative Assistant, Nursing Studies, 716.827.2452
, Administrative Assistant, RJS School of Hospitality and Business, 716.827.4300

Academic Support & Retention Services

, Director, 716.827.2433
, Associate Director, 716.827.2467
, Academic Coach and Retention Specialist, 716.827.2425

, Director of Student Accounts, 716.827.2427
, Accounts Payable Coordinator, 716.827.2406
, Student Billing Specialist, 716.827.2575

Admissions and Workforce Development

, Admissions Associate Director, 716-827-2538
, Admissions Associate Director, 716.827.2418
Jen Ehlinger-Saj, Admissions Counselor, 716.827.2420
t, Admissions Counselor, 716.827.2556
, Admissions Assistant, 716.827.2545
Christine Whipkey, Workforce Development Assistant, 716.827.4310


Advisement & Career Services

Maureen Pernick Huber, Director, 716.827.2444
Sister Marian Mullen, Coordinator of Advisement, 716.827.2535https://www.trocaire.edu/my/faculty-and-staff-directory/faculty-listing/edit
Jon Hudack, Academic & Career Advisor, 716.827.2547
Academic & Career Advisor, 716.827.2430
Claudia M. Lesinski, Academic & Career Services/Veterans Services, 716.827.2553 

Assessment & Research

, Ph.D., Director, 716.827.4352
, Ed.D., Research Associate, 716.827.4315

Copy Center

Janet Healey, Copy Center Lead, 716.827.2474
Copy Center Coordinator, 716.827.2524


, Director, 716.827.2405
Margaret Andrzejewski, Supervisor of Auxiliary Services, 716.827.2564
Patrick Edmunds, Maintenance Worker
Kenneth Carluccio, Sr. Maintenance Worker

Financial Aid

, Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, 716.827.2567
Allison Germono, Assistant Director, 716.827.2424
Julie Smith, Financial Aid Advisor, 716.827.2416
Terry Adamczyk, Financial Aid Advisor, 716.827.2426
, Financial Aid Advisor, 716.827.2404

Arthur O. Eve HEOP

, Director, 716.827.2562
Roman Shchurowsky, Assistant Director, 716.827.2476

Human Resources

, Compliance & Diversity/Title IX Coordinator, 716.827-2461
, Employment Specialist, 716.827.2561

Information Technology

Alissa Steele-Pruitt, Coordinator, Distance Learning, 716.827.2557
Derek Farkas, Instructional Technology and Design Specialist, 716.827.2511
, IT Consultant, 716.827.2505
Robin Loomis, Senior Information Technology Specialist, 716.827.4332
Eric Macon, Help Desk, 716.827.4331
Michele Peters, Director of Data Administration, 716.827.4333
Charles Brant, Media Specialist, 716.827.2555

Institutional Advancement

, Coordinator of Graphic Design, 716.827.4341
, Director of Development, 716.827.4349
, Marketing Communications Specialist, 716.827.4343
Director of Grants, Foundations & Community Relations, 716.827.4348
, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, 716.827.4347
Advancement Assistant, 716.827.4340 

Library (Rachel R. Savarino Library at Choate Main Campus and the Russell J. Salvatore School of Business and Hospitality facility)

, Director of Library Services, 716.827.2436
Library at RJS: 716.827.2523
, Coordinator of Library Services @ RJS, 716.827.2523; Main Campus: 716.827.2434
, Cataloging, Reference & User Services Librarian, 716.827.2434
Cindy Seitz, Archivist & Electronic Resources Librarian, 716.827.2434
, Information Literacy, Reference & User Services Librarian, 716.827.2434


Mary Clare Development Center


Mission, Service & Campus Ministry
, Director of Mission, Service and Campus Ministry, 716.827.2483
, Coordinator of Service Learning, 716.827.2543

Nursing Studies

, Administrative Assistant, 716.827.2452
, Nursing Resource Tutor, 716.827.2487
Margaret Tighe, Coordinator of Nursing Simulation Lab, 716.827.2463


President's Office

Kathleen Hoffstetter, Executive Assistant to the President & Board of Trustees, 716.827.2423


Theresa Horner, Registrar, 716.827.2485
, Assistant Registrar, 716.827.2415
, Records/Registration Assistant, 716.827.2469

Student Life
, Counselor & Coordinator of Disability Services, 716.827.2412
, Health Records Coordinator, 716.827.2489
, Health Records Associate, 716.827.2489

Veteran Services

, Coordinator, 716.827.2553