Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

  • Supervised practice
  • Lab practice
  • Two-year program
  • Clinicals & externships
  • Accredited by the CAAHEP and AAMAE

The Medical Assistant graduate will be prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist with patient care management, to perform administrative and clinical procedures, and, when necessary, assist in the supervision of office personnel.


The student, upon successful completion of the program, will be prepared for employment in clinics, hospital, and particularly, in medical group practices, where experience and expertise in clinical skills are required.  Students are eligible to take the certification exam to become a certified Medical Assistant which is offered by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants).  This program may be completed either full time or part time, there is also an externship completed to gain experience in a clinical setting and no compensation may be received from the clinical site at any time during completion.


The Trocaire College Medical Assistant Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), located at: 25400 U.S. Highway 19 North, Suite 158, Clearwater, Florida 33763 Phone:1 (727) 210-2350 Fax: 1 (727) 210-2354, This is upon recommendation of Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB) located at 20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1575, Chicago, IL 60606, 1-800-228-2262 (Phone), 312-899-1259 (Fax),

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Admission Requirements:

  1. High School Diploma (minimum 75% average) or GED Diploma with a minimum score of 2500
  2. Natural Science

Minimum Degree Requirements:

  1. A total of at least 66 semester hours with a Quality Point Average of 2.0
  2. General Education Requirements:
    GS100 College Seminar or GS102 College Success*
    Humanities (EN102)
    Natural Science* (BIO130/130L, BIO131/131L)
    Philosophy (PH103, PH205)
    Social Science (PSY101, EC201 or one 3 credit hour social science elective)

  3. Program Requirements:*
    BOT103, BOT108, BU106, BU132, BU203, MAS134, MAS233, MAS234, MAS235, MB119, MB213, MB221, MB265

*A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required


Semester 1

18.0 / 20.0 Credits
BOT103 Keyboarding I and Document Processing 3
EN101 or EN200 English Composition or Advanced Composition 3
GS100 or GS102 College Seminar or College Success 1 / 3
MAS134 Orientation to Medical Assisting 2
MB119 Medical Terminology 3
PH103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PSY101 General Psychology 3

Semester 2

16.0 Credits
BIO130/130L Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIO130L Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
BU132 Information Technology I 3
EC201 or SS EL Principles of Macroeconomics or Social Science Elective 3
EN102 Introduction to Literature 3
MAS233 Medical Assistant Diagnostic & Clinical Laboratory Procedures 3

Semester 3

17.0 Credits
BIO131 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIO131L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
BU106 Business Communications 3
BU203 Principles of Accounting 3
MAS234 Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures 3
MB265 Insurance & Reimbursement Processing 4

Semester 4

16.0 Credits
BOT108 Word Processing I 3
MAS235 Medical Assistant Clinical Seminar & Externship 4
MB213 Medical Office Systems & Procedures 3
MB221 Medical Transcription I 3
PH205 Ethics in Health Care 3


Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)
HEGIS Code Number 5214

Dean of the Division of Health Professions
Office: Room 332