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Full Time Faculty Directory




To John Anderson for receiving the college's first-ever Innovative Faculty Award.

To Nancy Renzoni for receiving the Pat Lavender Award.

Featured Faculty

Carol Weber

Although her colleagues are appreciative of her organizational skills, we truly treasure her wonderful way of connecting with students. Carol Weber, professor of Radiologic Technology, brings us 37 years of combined working and educational experience. As a core member of the Radiologic Technology (RT) faculty since 1992, Carol’s assignment is a combination of both academics and professional practice. She teaches RT positioning lecture and laboratory, patient care, and sectional anatomy. She has been a clinical instructor at Mercy Hospital, and is now at Mercy Ambulatory Care Center (MACC) where she works side by side with students who perform real exams on real patients. It is her responsibility to guide the students and make sure each follows all clinical protocol and provides patient care and safety.

Carol attended Upstate Medical University in Syracuse where she studied Radiologic Technology and Nuclear Medicine. That type of background is unique. Students today rarely obtain training in both areas. Her first x-ray position was at St. Joseph’s Hospital, then Lafayette General, where she was Chief Technologist in Nuclear Medicine. Carol also worked at Sheehan Memorial Hospital and the Mercy Ambulatory Care Center Radiology. Carol continued her education, earning a Bachelor’s degree at Empire State College and Masters in Career and Technical Education at Buffalo State College.

Her influence in the Rad Tech Program at Trocaire is great. In 1997 Carol started the Radiologic Technology Club and served as Advisor for 14 years. Under her leadership, the Club created the RT Student Scholarship. They completed many service projects, like adopting a family at Christmas, made charitable donations, and even purchased equipment as gifts for the RT Program. Carol is a key developer and facilitator of Freshmen Orientation. She continues to serve as the RT Program Radiation Safety Officer, a critical position where she observes radiation exposure readings for students and staff, keeps records, and counsels when necessary. (This is one area where her colleagues appreciate those organizational skills).

Carol has also completed much committee work over the years. She was part of the Steering Committee that developed the first Trocaire Bachelor Degree (BS RT). She was Co-Chair of the Student Faculty Evaluation Committee, and a Faculty Senator for 6 years with one term as Secretary. She was even a member of the original Wellness Committee (back in the late 1990s).

Throughout her tenure, Carol Weber has influenced many students by modeling professional behavior, preparation, and presenting a caring attitude. Her next mission? It is time to get a Trocaire student in the Old First Ward St. Patrick parade!

Ester Wilczynski

is a full time biology professor at Trocaire College teaching courses in Anatomy and Physiology with labs, Microbiology (including on-line), Pharmacology, Neurology, and Human Biology. She received a Bachelor of Science and a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Toronto. Esther held postdoctoral fellowships in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Toronto, in conjunction with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Iowa, and in the Department of Physiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Esther has conducted research in the area of blood pressure regulation, specifically the renin-angiotensin system in her doctoral work and in hypertension pharmacology as a post-doc. She has a very successful track record in research as evidenced by her 30+ publications and many presentations in the United States and Canada. She also has extensive experience teaching physiology labs and lectures to the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto and at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In addition to her busy life at Trocaire College, Esther is involved in clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

Donnette Hong

Donnette Hong earned her BS degree from D’Youville College and worked in critical care, where she met her husband Fred. She also worked as a school nurse in the Williamsville School District. Donnette began her teaching career at Trocaire College in 2007 as an adjunct clinical instructor in the RN program. Donnette truly enjoyed teaching. During this time, she was mentored by the Trocaire nursing faculty and returned to school to earn a masters degree in Nursing Education.  Donnette became a full time nursing faculty member. When asked about teaching, Donnette stated that, “I try to encourage students to treat others as they would like to be treated.” Donnette believes that humor is one of the best medicines. Donnette teaches in the second semester nursing course and has the NU 122 students at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital. Donnette Hong is a faculty member that the nursing faculty would like to keep around. She is always willing to help out and provides the beginning students with confidence. However, if it is a sunny day and you may not be able to find Donnette. She is an avid golfer, and plays regularly with her husband in Buffalo and in Florida when she can. Thanks, Donnette for all you do for Trocaire College and the nursing program. 

Jennifer Higgins McCormick, Sociology

Jennifer Higgins McCormick is a full time Assistant Professor of Sociology at Trocaire. She earned her PhD in Sociology in 2010 from the University at Buffalo, and an MBA in 2005 from Medaille College. She teaches SOC 101 Principles of Sociology, SOC 301 Sociology of Health and Medicine and SOC 311 Sociology of Illness. Her service to the college includes Faculty Senate membership, Academic Council, Chair of the IRB Formation committee and membership of several other committees. Outside of Trocaire, Jennifer serves on the Ethical Review Board for the Town of Hamburg. Jennifer is married and has two daughters ages 4 ½ and 2. During the summer and early fall, Jennifer has a stand at the Hamburg Farmer’s Market where she and a friend sell baked goods. Her specialties are giant chocolate chip cookies and pastries. If there is any spare time in the winter, she enjoys cross country skiing and cooking with her husband, John.

Nicole Klem, Dietetic Technology

Nicole Klem grew up with the biggest avocado tree in the state of California in her backyard and was continuously fascinated by the bounty of fruit it produced each year.  Next to that was a tangerine, a lemon and a lime tree and every season she took time to thank their generosity.  She has spent her life thus far reminding herself and others to appreciate food from the earth, delivered by the hands of able farmers and skilled makers.

In 2005 she completed a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies from William Smith College in the Finger Lakes.  She spent time in Cape Town, South Africa, working in a community center providing counseling and education services in Khayelitsha, climbing Table Mountain and tasting her way across the Stellenbosch wine region.  Leaving the Finger Lakes with a love of wine, equipped with a toolbox of communication skills and a knack for creating easy rapport, she set out east for the big city.  She spent two years working as a support group and community center developer before realizing she was much more fascinated by peoples’ relationships with food than with other people.

While working as an Assistant Pastry Chef at a premiere WNY restaurant she started a Master’s program in Dietetics and completed her degree in 2010.  In 2009 she spent a month in South America, hiking the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu, working in a community hospital with “Nutritionistas” in Buenos Aires and drinking Malbec (before Malbec was cool) in Mendoza, Argentina.  After graduating, she took a job in a long term care facility as a Clinical Nutrition Manager and spent a year improving the nutrition status of 180 long term care residents.

She joined the Trocaire College Dietetic Technology team in the Fall of 2011 and inspires students to reframe their perception of food and challenges them to understand how food can improve and inhibit chronic and long term diseases.  She served on the Handbook revision committee and continues to serve on the College Wide Assessment Committee.  With Kathy Border, they develop interesting and innovative ideas for the Dietetic Technology Program and the Trocaire Community.

In her efforts to bring nutrition education to the community, she presents information at the Elmwood-Bidwell Market and is developing a Winter food makers market at Horsefeathers (346 Connecticut St). The market will feature handpicked beef, chicken and dairy farmers, winter produce, fresh pasta, baked goods, food, and live music and will run every Saturday 8-1pm, starting in January.

In the summer of 2012 she spent two weeks in the back country of Alaska’s Denali National Park, hiking without trails, crossing rivers and encountering bears, moose and caribou.  She continues researching nutrition concerns of the native Alaskan population and intends to return next summer.  In October 2013 she plans to run her first marathon through the vineyards of Northern California.

Solomon Nelson

Solomon is tall by Eastern standards, soft spoken, mild mannered, and moves around in a non-threatening gait.  He likes to keep things simple, and is not flashy in the Gangnam style!  He tries hard to be creative with his facial hair, and secretly wishes to wear the look of his age.  As a self-proclaimed movie buff, he spends a lot of time trying to catch up with the old classics and the new arrivals.  He has a penchant for stories and fancies to be a published novelist before he hangs up his boots!

The 24 carrot wedding ring cannot go unnoticed on his nimble finger, which he proudly wears, and he cannot stop talking about his 4 year old son.  In his youthful days, he was a drummer for a Christian band that called themselves 'Eleventh Hour'.  But the hand that broke a few drum sticks is quite happy to hold the permanent marker as he scribbles away his 'notations' all over the white board in class.  He loves interacting with students and has a passion for teaching.  He grew up playing cricket and soccer in one of the hottest places on the planet and speaks a 2000-year-old classical language called Tamil.  He dabbles with his cooking skills and loves hot spices!

In case you are still wondering about this spicy guy, his name is Solomon Nelson, and he likes to say 'hello' to you!  He is quite happy and content with life on the 4th floor of Trocaire, and wishes to thank everyone for the warmth and camaraderie that makes Trocaire a happy family!

Solomon focused on Postcolonial studies for his doctoral research, and specializes in modern literary theory, and Race and Cultural Studies.  He teaches courses in English Composition, Introduction to Literature, Readings in World Literature, and Race, Gender and Literature.  His article "Polemics of Land in Ecological Imperialism:  A Green Postcolonial Reading of True Country and Sweet Water-Stolen Land was recently published in Contemporary Contemplations on Eco Literature.  His presentation on "Deracinating Formal Education: A Case for Online Pedagogy" in the 6th Annual SUNY Fredonia Teaching and Learning Conference was well received.  He is currently working on his book-length project on Christianity and its cultural influence in the Indian context.  As someone said, “He is always a work in progress!” 

Patricia Battaglia, Registered Nursing

Patricia Battaglia is a full time faculty member in the RN Nursing program. Pat graduated with her BSN in 1967. She began her teaching career at Trocaire College in 1977 as a part time lab and clinical instructor. In 1983, Pat became a full time instructor and received her Master’s in Nursing from D’Youville College in 2000. When Pat was informed that she is the Featured Faculty Member she stated, “It has been my privilege to assist in the education of students in pursuing their goals and dreams of becoming a registered professional nurse.”

Pat Battaglia has touched many lives over the years and remains a role model for our first semester nursing students.