Trocaire Offers Fall Professional Development Series

BUFFALO, N.Y. -  Trocaire College will offer a series of non-credit courses for professional development over the next month through the Workforce Development Department.  

Better manage the day-to-day performance of your employees and improve individual and organizational performance by building an accountability culture.  The Manage Day-to-Day Performance workshop will help you see the positives of accountability and how to successfully implement it at all levels within your organization.  This course will be offered on Thursday, September 22.

This course is for people who work in the world of coaching, educating, teaching or training.  Participants in the Maximize Learning course will develop skills to engage the learner by using various delivery techniques, how to create an effective climate for learning, how to ensure retention of material learned, and how to deal with difficult individuals.  This workshop will be held on Thursday, September 29.

The Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection of Employees workshop will be offered on Thursday, October 4 and is designed for new HR professionals or those responsible for hiring and selecting candidates for their organization. Participants will learn the steps to develop an effective recruitment process, legal aspects of the interview process, and how to structure interviews effectively.  This course is available on Tuesday, October 4

All classes will be offered from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at a cost of $299 per course.  To register call 716.827.4310 or e-mail