Transferring to Trocaire

Transfer students will receive credit for college courses which are equivalent to those offered at Trocaire College. Only courses completed with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better are acceptable for transfer. The acceptance of advanced credit is tentative until the student has completed one semester of satisfactory work at Trocaire College.

Transferring to Trocaire
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Please note that a student must earn a minimum of thirty credit hours at Trocaire to be eligible for a degree. A student must complete 50% of his/her course work here to be eligible for a Trocaire College Certificate.

Evaluation of transfer credits is completed through the Registrar in consultation with the Dean and Program Director. Placement of a student into a program is dependent upon the amount of transfer credit granted.

There are several additional ways to obtain transfer credit:

Advanced Placement: High School students are eligible for consideration for advanced placement and credit by achieving satisfactory scores (a rating of 3 to 5) on the Advanced Placement Examination.

Challenge Examination: Challenge exams are administered in special and exceptional cases in which it has been clearly determined that prior educational and/or vocational experience has provided a learning experience equivalent to that of the particular college course. Evidence of equivalency is evaluated by the Dean and/or appropriate Program Director. Please contact the Student Billing Office at 716.826.1200 for current test and tuition fees.

Credit by Examination: Additional Examinations are accepted on a limited basis for transfer credit. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Admissions phone: 716.827.2545
Admissions fax: 716.828.6107