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Welcome To Trocaire!

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on your decision to attend Trocaire College. Whether you just graduated from high school, raised a family and are returning to school, or somewhere in between, the Student Affairs Team welcomes you. We are here to help you achieve your new academic goals.

The first step to a successful college career is attendance and participation at the new student and transfer student orientations. This program will provide information to ease your transition to college life at Trocaire.

Our orientation programs will enable you to learn more about the college, as well as to meet other new students. Important information regarding health records, academic advisement, college policies, and financial assistance will be presented. The bookstore will also be open, and most books will be available.

These are MANDATORY programs for all new Trocaire students.  After you register for classes, correspondence will be sent out reminding you of the orientation date and time.  I look forward to meeting you at orientation.


, Director of Academic Support and Retention Services


Fall 2016 Orientation Dates

New Student Orientation: Monday, August 8 from 5-9 p.m. OR Wednesday, Aug. 10 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Transfer Student Orientation: Monday, Aug. 15 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. or 5 p.m.-8 p.m.


Orientation Parking

Parking is limited at Trocaire College, so give yourself ample time to find parking on the streets. Please obey the parking ordinances posted on the neighborhood streets; these parking laws are strictly enforced by the city.

There is free parking available in the Salem Lutheran Church parking lot on Whitfield Avenue. Whitfield Avenue is located off of McKinley Parkway near McClellan Circle. Please park in the designated spaces at the church – you may get ticketed if you don’t! View the parking maps for more detailed information.

Salem Lutheran Church
10 McClellan Circle
Buffalo, NY 14220


Orientation FAQ

Can I bring a friend and or family member with me to orientation?
Unfortunately you can't bring a guest with you. Due to space restrictions, we do not have the room to allow anyone other than the new student to attend.

I came to Trocaire for a tour and Open House, do I need to attend orientation?
Yes!!! Attendance at orientation is mandatory. Any information you received at Open House is beneficial, but at orientation we’ll discuss all the things you will need to know to have a successful Trocaire career.

What are the benefits of attending orientation?
Both orientations allow you to get acclimated to the college before classes start. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers about everything Trocaire has to offer. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other new Trocaire students, which will enable you to form bonds and friendships before the semester starts. Orientation Leaders, who are current students, will also be present to guide you into this new chapter in your life. Orientation will give you the opportunity to have your ID taken and receive the college handbook/planner.

How long will the orientation last?
The orientations will last approximately three hours. Orientation will start promptly at the times given. Please make sure you have given yourself ample time to find a parking space and join us before the session begins.

What do I need to bring to orientation?
Please bring a copy of your schedule and the letter that was sent to you with your user name and password on it.  Also bring something to write with.  We will provide plenty of handouts and an orientation manual for you to keep notes in. Also, bring any questions you may have that you would like answered about Trocaire.

Will the bookstore be open for me to buy my books?
The bookstore will be open and most books should be available. You are welcome to visit the bookstore to view and purchase books and merchandise.

How do I get my identification card?
Your ID picture can be taken at orientation. During the first two weeks of classes you can stop by the front security desk at the Main Campus to pick it up.

What do I need my identification card for?
This card is needed for borrowing books from the college library, identification on clinical sites, admission to college sponsored functions, and a door swipe connecting the college to Mercy Hospital. A processing fee is charged for replacement cards.

What is my user name and password in order to gain access to Trocaire College’s computers?
A letter will be sent to you with all your login names and passwords.

When must I bring in my immunization (shot record)?
In order to attend classes at Trocaire College, every student must hand in written proof of their childhood immunizations and complete the meningitis response form. This is a requirement of the New York State Public Health Law 2165. These immunizations include your measles, mumps and rubella shots (MMR’s). You are also required to sign the meningitis vaccination sheet.

This record should be submitted at the time of your registration or before school begins. For any assistance in obtaining these records, and/or if you are without health insurance, please stop in or call Sister Marie Andre’ Main, Health Records Coordinator, Room 129 - Phone 827-2489. Failure to comply with this State Regulation will keep you out of classes. Be responsible and hand these in as soon as possible - 30 days into the semester is the deadline! Please take care of this responsibility today!