History and Mission

Trocaire College's mission, to create a community of learning in which students are empowered to discover themselves and gain access to professions in their chosen field, is firmly rooted in our desire to improve the quality of life of those students we serve.

History and Mission
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Trocaire College History

Trocaire College was founded in 1958 in the City of Buffalo by the Sisters of Mercy as Sancta Maria College, offering higher educational opportunities to women of the Order. The College gained distinction early on in the field of Nursing and Health Science education.

In 1967, in an effort to honor the heritage of the founding Sisters, the College's name was officially changed to Trocaire, the Gaelic word for mercy. Trocaire granted admission to lay female students in 1965 and male students in 1972.


The college has evolved extensively over the past 50 years as it has arrived at its current structure. The Trocaire College of today is a vibrant, multi-dimensional coeducational Catholic college which continues to operate in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.  Trocaire is an active member of the Conference for Mercy Higher Education.

Mission Statement

Trocaire College, a private career-oriented Catholic college in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy, strives to empower students toward personal enrichment, dignity, and self-worth through education in a variety of professions and in the liberal arts.  Recognizing the individual needs of a diverse student body, Trocaire College provides life learning and development within a community-based environment.  Trocaire College prepares students for service in the universal community.

Vision Statement

Trocaire is the college where lives are transformed.  Our graduates will be the first choice of employers.